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Sweetness Is

Sweetness is ______
a) The Yanks sweeping the Sox in 5.
b) Sitting on a couch with Summer Ale and House of Jerky jerky.
c) Driving home and hearing an awesome cover of a song that you used to hate.
d) Having a hot girl smile at you as you hold the door open for her.
e) All of the […]

Free Ticket Weekend

What was supposed to be a pretty uneventful weekend turned out to be one of the best ones that I’ve had in a while. It started Thursday morning when I was sitting around with the guys from work when a manager from another group came by and gave me tickets to the Jets @ Redskins. […]

Baseball Question

What do the Cubs, Orioles, White Sox, and Red Sox’s have in common?

Weekend Update

It’s hard to imagine that I was complaining about being bored just a short time ago with how things have picked up recently. Life has gone from being just busy to hectic. I’m normally really helpful to other people at work whether it’s reviewing designs, stepping through a debugger, or helping inexperienced people load code […]

Long Update

It has been forever since my last update so I figure it’s time for another one while I’m watching the Yankees @ Texas. Randy has been great so far beyond the HR by Texeria so it looks like the Yanks are on their way to another win.
So since my last real update, Brian and Karen […]

Johnny Damon

Despite tonights loss, I finally agree with him as a Yankee


I think I’ll go to Boston, I think I’ll start a new life… actually enough Augustana lyrics. I’m actually going to Boston but only to take a vacation from my life. I won’t be participating in the Shamrock 5K this year but I will be drinking lots of Guinness to celebrate Gillian’s birthday and for […]


Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in 2 weeks, who’s up for fantasy this year?

Pre Day of Henry Post

I need to finish packing and go to work tomorrow but I’ll be flying off to Indiana. I’ll be back Sunday (the official Day of Henry) but unfortunately I’ll be in the air as the Yanks play that day so let’s hope we win the east on Saturday so I’ll only miss a game where […]

Great Weekend

It’s always pretty kickass when the Yankees are in town but it’s a shame to see them lose twice especially when I’m there at two of the games. At least my fantasy team has been doing pretty well despite my no Red Sox and no player on any team the Yankees are playing policy. It’s […]

Yanks and Work

I signed up for the MLB Audio package so I can listen to the Yanks game while I’m at work but there’s a huge downside to that. Bottom of the 9th, tie game and Jeter hits a leadoff homerun. Picture me screaming “YES! Fuck Boston!” as I jump out of my chair… good thing I […]

Everything Is Right Once Again

Its been a long winter but everything is back to the way it should be. The Yankees spanked the Red Sox and have started the road to another World Series.
My favorite signs of the night

1918 2004 2090
Welcome Back-ache Boomer

Terps Blow

After getting blown out in consecutive games, Josh came up with a pretty good anaylsis of the way the Terps are currently playing.
Josh: Md is sucking so bad
Josh: thye cant score
Josh: sad part is they’re not bad
Josh: they couldnt beat umbc scoring 23 points int he first half
They need to shape up soon cause the […]

Stupid People

Sometimes I really need to stop reading the news and just block the outside world. The most recent instance has to be this article about the Monday Night Football and Desperate Housewives stunt. I don’t normally give a shit about football so I had to download the commercial. It might be offensive for people who […]

Show’s That I’ve Missed

Ever since last Thursday, I’ve been watching all the TV shows that the baseball playoff’s have been making me miss and it made me realize that I watch way too much TV. Since I’ve just come off a TV binge, I’ve decided to bore everyone with a couple of thoughts. Smallville needs to do […]

The Score

Red Sox fans really getting on my nerves today so I’ll like to post the status of things since 1918
Yankees vs Red Sox
AL Champions: 39-5
World Series: 26-0
enough said

I’m Alive

Crazy awesome weekend, enjoy some more ALCS quotes about the game on Saturday.

What the Yankees did to the Red Sox in Game 3 was almost unspeakable. It was darn near obscene. They should have placed a parental lock on the broadcast of this game. When the DVD hits the stores, a label should be attached.WARNING! […]

ALCS Quotes

“Two more tips of the cap and Martinez and the Sox can call the Yankees something else: American League champions.”

“The Yankees definitely step it up a notch,” Damon said. “Their regular season is just a stepping stone to the postseason for them.”
Just as the postseason has just been the stepping stone to nothing more than […]

Pedro Says Something Right

“What can I say — just tip my hat and call the Yankees my daddy,’’ Martinez said. “I can’t find a way to beat them at this point. … They’re that good. They’re that hot right now — at least against me. I wish they would disappear and not come back.’’
Pedro Martinez

Fuck the Red Sox

Now that they have lost 4 straight to the Yanks, they decide to hit A-Rod with a pitch because he drove in the game winning run last night. Fuck the Red Sox and all Bostonians.

Fuck Duke

As much as I hate the Lakers, I would love to see this happen. After all I hate Duke even more and to see Coach K with a Kobe and Shaqless team who finishes behind the Clippers next season will be priceless.


I’m bored and watching the Pistons/Laker game. I’m not going to pretend to be a Piston fan but it’s nice to watch the Lakers get spanked.

My Class Got Up and Left Me

I was supposed to have exam 3 in my Ancient Greeks class today but I showed up to class only to find that there was no one there. 15 minutes later and I was still the only person sitting in the room so I just got up and left. After talking to Ian I found […]

Best A-Rod to Yanks Quote

“A-Rod to the Yankees represents Steinbrenner at his diabolical best/worst. It’s like having your best girl agree to marry you, finding out you can’t get married because your church won’t allow it, then watching her marry the guy you hate most in the world.”

The Yankees Win

Every once in a while you have to let the losers come close to their goal before you smack them back down. It’s so cute how Boston thought that it actually had a chance to win last night. So to reiterate, the Yankess will be going to the World Series again and the Red Sox […]

Devils Won the Cup

The Devils won the Cup at home AND the forums are up. So stop reading this and post something.

Game 6

Well the Devils lost game 6 just like I kinda wanted them to but it still sucks to see them lose. The open ice hit on Kariya by Stevens was great, brought back memories of the hit on Lindros a few years back. Weather sucked as always but I hear tomorrow should be looking up. […]

Game 5

Crazy game 5 of the finals but the Devils came out on top so everything is well. I hate saying this because I’m a Devils fan but I hope they lose game 6 so they can win it in Jersey. Stupid ESPN is pissing me off with all this coverage on Tim Duncan. I admit […]